Pine Tar Soap Benefits for Your Skin

There are a lot of natural ingredients you can use to treat your skin and one of them is pine tar soap. Just like the name suggests, this kind of soap uses pine tar as its main ingredient.

Unlike the other skin treatments you get from chemical ingredients, there is no side effect of this pine tar soap treatment. This is because the soap is proven safe for human skin.

The use of this kind of soap gains huge popularity recently due to its advantages for skin health. Just keep reading this article to find out more about this pine tar soap benefits.

Pine Tar Soap Benefits


Pine Tar’s: Definition and General Usages

Before we go further with the benefits of pine tar soap for human skin health, it will be better if we talk about the definition of the material. Pine tar referred to sticky material resulted from carbonization in high temperature of pine wood in anoxic condition.

This is a condition in which pine wood is in destructive distillation or dry distillation. To produce the tar, the wood is placed in a closed container and then composed quickly by pressuring and heating it.

Commonly, the decomposition not only results in pine tar but also charcoal. So, how can this tar product of pine wood very beneficial for human skin health? Well, this is because the product mainly consists of tar acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, and tar basis.

Pine Tar Soap Psoriasis


The components consisted in the tar can be vary depends on the origin of the wood, such as type of soil, moisture conditions at the time when the pine tree is growing, and the age of the tree. The pyrolytic process of the tar producing such as temperature, method, and duration can also determine the components will be contained by the product.

It is only the pine stumps and roots are needed to produce tar through traditional process. Despite of using the pine tar for soap products, people also the pine tree as a wood preservative. The tree is also used for wood sealant especially designed for maritime purposes, roofing constructions as well as maintenance by Scandinavian people since hundreds of years ago.

This material is also proved very useful for veterinary medicine that can treat to cure sick chickens and cattle. Some healthy substances contained by the tar can also be used for treating inflammation caused by poison sumac, poison ivy, insect bites, and sunburn. Pine tar which is added to shampoo is believed to be able to get rid of dandruff.

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Benefits of Pine Tar Soap for Skin Health

The tar which is produced from carbonization of pine wood has a lot of benefits for skin health. The tar is commonly used as the main composition of soap. Many believe that this tar of pine wood can soothe certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

The nicest thing in using this pine tar soap is that the product not only can treat unhealthy skin but also comes with strong pine smell. As you know the pine tree has nice smell that can be aromatherapy to release stress.

Pine Tar Soap Benefits For Hair


The soap can be very beneficial for skin health since it contains antifungal and antibacterial. The substances can help you to reduce itching caused by insects. The use of tar from pine wood for soap ingredients has been applied since hundreds of years ago.

Today, the material is used for organic and natural soap. Here are the pine tar soap benefits for your skin.

  1. Antiseptic Effect

Due to the production of tar which involves heating pine wood in high temperature, the soap product of the pine tar can give antiseptic effect for the users. The natural antiseptic contained in the tar makes it possible for you to use the soap to treat minor injuries you experience. Not only for human, the soap can also be used to treat minor injuries on animals such as chickens and cattle.

  1. Treating Skin Conditions

The main purpose of this soap made of pine tar is for skin treatment usage. The healthy substances in the tar can be used to treat various skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. Many believe that the soap can reduce dryness effect often linked to the skin disorders. You can apply the soap around the troubled skin area to avoid further scaling process that makes you look older and then heal it.

  1. Anti – Inflammatory Effects

One of the pine tar soap benefits for your skin is that the product can help you to reduce inflammatory effects caused by the eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and the other skin disorders.

It usually needs about three weeks before your skin completely recovers from the disorders by using this soap product of pine wood. It will be better for you to consult your doctor first before you decide to use the soap, especially if your skin is sensitive type one.

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