Rosewater Benefits for Skin Care Discussion

Is Rosewater Different from Rose Oil?

There are some people who feel confused about rosewater and rose oil. They try to know to get the answer whether they are difference. Well, don’t worry everyone! Here is the discussion for you. Check reading below!

For your information, rosewater is different from rose hip oil. Rose oil is actually obtained from the rose petal steam distillation. Then, it is also very expensive. Besides that, it is the richest category of anti oxidant that can be used for skin treatment. Last, it also enters the category of fatty acids essence. Well, it will be the more valuable than rosewater. You will also need to spend more budgets for only getting it at home.

What about rosewater? This water is actually the liquid that comes from rose petals boiled in very low heat process. After that, you can find the water with fragrance aroma and moisturizing properties. Well, now you have to know about the difference between rose oil and rose water.

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