Skin Care Tips While Travelling: How to Stay Beautiful on the Road

Travelling is the time for you to relax and enjoy your life. But it doesn’t mean that your skin care routine is stopped. In fact, you need to step up the game of your skin care during travelling. Long hours in the dry air plane cabin, go to different climate condition and not to mention excessive sebum and sweat covering your face. All of those things can easily damage your skin.

To make sure you will stay pretty on the road, remember to follow these following skin care tips while travelling. These tips have been applied by many flight attendants and TV stars that still look gorgeous even though they have spent uncountable hours travelling. So, these tips will definitely work for you as well.

Skin Care Tips While Travelling


Stay Hydrated

1. Drink More Water

And by staying hydrated, I mean drink more water. Not just any beverages but water. I know drinking iced coffee with milk is very refreshing. But try to avoid those stuff during travelling.

Researches have shown that dairy products and sugar have direct links to acne break out. Dairy and sugar are able to trigger hormones that can cause pimples.

While travelling, you will be constantly on the road. Sweat and dust will clog your pores. Combine it with the raging hormones due to the unhealthy beverages you drink, it’s a recipe for disaster for your skin.

Drinking more water is the most important skin care tips while travelling. Flight attendants always drink at least one liter of water every five or six hours. It is the healthiest way to keep your skin moist.

2. Keep Your Skin Moisture

Water will keep your skin moist from the inside. To complete the process, you must apply moisturizer to your skin, especially the face.

The air in the cabin plane is very dry. If you don’t apply moisturizer, don’t be surprised if you land and suddenly look 20 years older. To help keeping the skin moist and fresh, also spray mist water every once in a while.

3. SPF is a Must

JAMA Dermatology published a research, it stated that flying in high altitude has very high risk of radiation exposure that can cause skin cancer. Pilot, flight attendants, and absolutely you and the other passengers are exposed to that risk.

Therefore, using sun screen is essential in your travel skin care routine. If you use sun screen during sunbathing in the beach, why don’t you do that when you are flying so close to the sun?

Choose one with high SPF, apply it often and apply it generously. It will not only protect your skin from the dry air, but also from health risk of being exposed to Ultra Violet radiation.

4. Don’t Put Too Much Makeup

Putting too much makeup during travelling is a big sin. Lipstick and foundation will make your skin dry, so avoid them. If you feel like you cannot function without foundation, then choose one with more liquid ingredients to keep your skin moist.

5. Bring Your Own Beauty Kit

It’s always wise to bring all your necessary beauty kit to your destination. Local products sometimes will cost higher, and you are not sure if those products are suitable for your skin or not. So, don’t take any risks.

Here are the list of the most essential travel skin care products you must take with you everywhere:

1. Face Paper

Either you have dry or oily skin, travelling will definitely covers your face with sebum. Before the sebum can clog your pores, wipe it with face paper.

2. Sun Screen and Moisturizer

Every skin care tips while travelling will definitely include these products. They are the shield you must use against dry air and UV radiation.

3. Lip Balm

Lipstick is not recommended for travelling. So, if you feel like going nude without one, use a lip balm instead. It will keep your lips healthy and beautiful at the same time

4. Eye Drops

No one wants to land from a plane with red zombie-like eyes. Prepare eye drops to make your eyes look clean and fresh.

5. Hand Wash and Hand Cream

Touching your face with dirty hands will transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin. Therefore, make sure you always wash your hands with hand wash before touching or reapplying makeup to your face.

Pack them Right

Don’t forget to bring travel size skin care for your vacation. It is important to bring your beauty kit to the cabin just in case you need reapplying. But remember, there are some rules and restrictions you have to comply with.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made a regulation regarding liquids the passengers can bring into the cabin. The container cannot be more than 3.4 ounces and only a quart size bag of liquids. So make sure you don’t bring too much unless you want to get in trouble.

But keep in mind that some products will lose its effectivity once it is exposed to the air. So, these products cannot be transferred to smaller bottles. If you have that kind of product, you have to compromise and leave it at your home for a while.

Mind the Seasons and Climate Condition in Every Places

Last but not least, you must keep in mind that every place has different climate and weather. And the bad news is, your skin may have a hard time adapting with the new environment. So, be sure to research the climate and weather condition of your travel destination in the first place.

1. If You Travel to Hot Places

If you travel in summer to places with high temperature, your skin will sweat a lot. It will also triggers sebum, so clean your face often. You also must change your screen to one with higher SPF since the sun rays is stronger in this places and weather. Don’t forget to drink more water.

2. If You Travel to Cold Places

In winter or cold places, our skin will be dry. The pores will be tightened so the sebum production is very limited. Apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin, and sun screen to protect your skin from UV. Even though it’s winter, the sun still shines and so does the radiation.

The most important thing is to know your skin condition. Only use products that suits your skin needs. Hopefully you will have a blast vacation with these skin care tips while travelling.

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