The Cause and Way to Overcome Oily Skin

How to get rid of oily skin permanently at home is the easiest treatment to do at home. Most of them go to the skin treatment center or consult to the doctor to solve this problem. Actually this problem has the answer which is closed to the people.

The problem about oily skin can be solved with the treatment and many ingredients that can be found at home. Before the reader focus about how to get rid of oily skin permanently at home, they must know what cause of the oily skin.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Permanently at Home


The fact said that the skin produce oil naturally. It is protecting the skin from pollution and dust, so the pollution won’t live into the pores of the skin. The doctor said that the oil on the face especially is able to maintain the youthful of the skin, and make the face skin suppler.

However, the excess of the oil in the face is the problem for some people. The excess oil in the skin especially in face leads the lacks of confidence for some people. The oily face caused dull and lustrous.

Oily face will also capture and precipitate the air surrounded which is full of dust and pollution in the face. And for the consequently pores will be closed and the acne appeared.

There are several factors that can cause the oily face

Fatty Food

There are many foods which is containing lots of fat. And if the food is consuming by the people who was oily skin, it can cause the accumulation of the fat, oil, and it can cause disease. The problem of oily skin is the simple thing that can be seen because of the consuming more fatty food.

Consuming healthy food and eat more fruits and vegetables is an effective way to get rid of oily skin permanently. The oil in the skin can be happened because of the wrong diet. The simple way is minimizing the consumption of fatty food, food with coconut milk.

The Unbalanced Hormone

The excess of oily skin is the sign that a kid has begun to enter the puberty period. A teenager must adapt with the new things that happened.

In adult, especially women, women will produce a lot of oil during her period. Thus, the daily must be limited properly. A balance food intake can help to reduce the amount of oil inside the body.


The best way of how to get rid of the oily face is choosing the right cosmetic. Most girl teenagers start to wear and apply many cosmetics such as powder, blush on, foundation, and many more to support their performance. 

But teenagers and women must be careful to choose the cosmetics for their face. Choose the natural based make up. The cosmetics with chemical ingredients can cause more oil, irritation, and acnes. So for women and girls who have oily face can choose the cosmetics with water based.


The oily skin can be caused of the genetic. Parents pass the typical of oily skin to their children. It can’t be prevented, but it can be overcome.

Believe it or not, get rid of the oily face can be done at home. The oily skin can remove permanently without much money to consult on doctor or do many treatments in the skin treatment center.

There are many natural ingredients that can be found at home which can remove the skin from oil permanently. It must be followed with the daily habits and the consistently for the home treatment.

The tips of how to get rid of the oily face such as the following

Clean the Face Regularly

Clean the face is a must. Wash the face after finishing the activities outdoor is a must thing to do. The point is cleaning and washing not only the face but also the body regularly, at least wash the face 2 until 3 times a day, especially after doing the outdoor activities.

The treatment for oily skin is washing the face with warm water. Warm water can clean the face from dust and facilitate the blood circulation. It is the natural therapy that is very effective to remove the oily face.

Banana, Honey, and Milk

Those ingredients give the good effect to refresh the skin and overcome the oily skin. The treatment is making banana puree, and then mixed the banana puree with honey and milk. Once finished, apply the puree as a face mask and leave for 30 minutes. After that, rinse the mask with warm water and continued by rinsing with cold water. Do this treatment 2 until 3 times a week routine. This mask is also useful to whiten the face naturally.


How to get rid of oily skin permanently at home is using cucumber. This fruit is quite effective for skin care because it contains vitamin which is needed for the skin. Blend the cucumber then polish the cucumber puree into the face for 30 minutes. After that, wash the face with clean water. Cucumber is rich of water. It can help to minimize the oil on the face.


This leave is beneficial for healthy skin to reduce the greasy face. The first step is cutting the celery into small pieces. And then just boiling some water and then put the celery in the boiling water. Wait until the water cool. After the water is cold, use the water to wash the face.

Avoid stress

Stress is the major cause of the oily skin. Whether many treatments have been done, it will be nothing. So just avoid the stress and sad feeling as possible. Stress will trigger the sebaceous glands which can produce the oil skin.

If the reader know how to get rid of oily skin permanently at home it will be easier to have treatment at home. Doing the treatment for healthy skin and face at home is also less expensive rather than consult in the specialist doctor and spend more money to do treatment in the skin care center.


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