Toning Your Bum Exercise

Bum exercise can be performed very easily if you know what you are doing. Here is a quick guide of exercises that you can incorporate into your toning bum routines.

Bum Exercise

  • Tensing You Bum – This one is extremely simple and you could be doing it right now. Just sit there and relax. Now tense your bum slightly and hold. Over time increase the length of time that you tesnse for. This is one of the best bum exercises because you can do it anytime and anywhere.
  • Go for a walk – This is another easy one and people just don’t realise how effect it is. I don’t know what your daily routine is but I am sure that you walk around. Try to avoid taking lifts or elevators and walk up stairs. Why not comibine this with the clenching bum exercises.
  • Lunges – Similar to the squats, lunges are great for toning bum and other muscles. You should aim to do 3 sets of 12 – 20 repetitions daily of each leg.
  • Doing Squats – Not only are these great bum exercises but they are great for a thigh work out. Start by standing with a straight back and bend your knees. Aim to perform the same amount of squats and you acheived with the lunges.

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  • Bike riding – When was the last time you rode a bike? Did your bottom hurt the next day? Yes? Well, part of that is bruising but it was also aching because you were exercising the muscle.
  • Swimming – Bum exercises can be fun by combining them with swimming. This will naturally tone bum and other muscles but adding the clenches will have an additional effect.
  • Pole Dancing – I have left the most fun till last. Pole dancing lessons are now becoming a popular way to workout. Even if you have not done this before you can purchase DVDs and perform these fun bum exercises.
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