Top 10 Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth is the third molars that appear at the age of 17 to 25 years. Anthropologists say that this tooth is the response of food evolution from ancient ancestors. The third molars are used for chewing hard meat, nuts, leaves, and roots.

The modern age allows humans to cut food using knives and forks so that wisdom teeth do not have any use. Usually, this tooth is also referred to as a residual organ because it is a useless body part of evolution.

There are many people who experience a toothache because of this condition. Wisdom teeth will appear and poke another tooth. Areas that open in this tooth will be overgrown by bacteria. If the wisdom teeth do not penetrate your gums, then you will get other oral problems.

Your teeth will become solid and cause severe problems. Oral health experts say you should immediately remove the wisdom teeth. You will get a toothache before going to the doctor but you do not have to worry because you can try home remedies for wisdom tooth pain. Home treatment is the right way without wasting your money on chemical drugs.

Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain



This plant is the oldest way of treatment that has been used for several centuries. There are many cultures from around the world that use cloves to relieve the pain. You can use oil or clove plants.

You can take the plant and put the cloves in the affected part. Do not chew the cloves until your pain has disappeared from your teeth. You can use a few drops of clove oil and rub the oil into your teeth. You can do this every day to relieve your pain in no time.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used to nourish your health naturally. This oil will relieve a toothache quickly. You should rub the oil into your gums and teeth. You will be amazed because you no longer feel a toothache.

Guava Leaves

You can rely on natural ingredients to heal your body. Guava leaves can get rid of your pain quickly. You only need to use a handful of fresh guava leaves and do not forget to boil guava leaves for a few minutes. The leaves should be chewed for 30 seconds. You do not have to swallow the leaf. You can use salt and boiled water for the mouthwash.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief Tablets



Vanilla is not only used to make milkshakes and cakes but also cure your toothache. You will feel healthy in no time. You can take the cotton and drip the vanilla extract on the cotton. You should place the cotton ball on your teeth for 15 minutes.

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Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda can be used to reduce swollen teeth and discomfort due to the swelling. This is a home remedy available in your kitchen. You just have to put baking soda and toothpaste into a small container and apply the paste to your teeth. This is a cheap home remedies for wisdom tooth pain.


Wheatgrass is a wonderful ingredient to relieve toothaches and you can feel relief in quick time. You only need one ounce of juice in your mouth. You can also use the juice to rinse so the toxins in your teeth will come out quickly. You can tie the grass in your teeth.

Cayenne Pepper Paste

Maybe this sounds extreme but the pepper powder can heal the pain quickly and you just get a burning sensation. You have to endure the burning because your pain will disappear after you feel burned. You can make pasta by mixing chili powder and water. The thick paste should be placed on your teeth for a few minutes. Your pain will disappear after the burning sensation also disappears from your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief Before Removal


Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper powder can work well to relieve a toothache. You will also feel burning when using black pepper powder but this is proportional to the speed of this powder to relieve your pain. Let it paste for a few minutes and you will feel better than before.

Cold Potatoes

This is a great home remedy for pain relief in an instant. You should put the potatoes in the freezer for 10 minutes. You can cut the potatoes into thin slices and put the potatoes into your teeth. Potatoes will soothe your nerves. This method has no harmful side effects so you can do this as much as anything.

Cold Cucumber

Cucumber that is inserted into the freezer can be a good remedy for dental pain. You can use the juicer to crush the frozen cucumber and make the liquid as a mouthwash.


You need 1 ounce of whiskey and hold the whiskey in your mouth for 1 minute. You can rotate the whiskey so it can touch the sore tooth. You can remove the whiskey after rinsing.

This is home remedies for wisdom tooth pain that can reduce your pain so you will not be sick with pain before you go to the doctor to remove the wisdom teeth.

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