What Is The Best Possible Treatment For Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition that means that the bones become less dense and as a result it is more likely that you are going to suffer from broken bones and fractures which can end up having a serious effect on your life. However, there are some treatments that you can consider. But what is the best treatment for osteoporosis?

Treatment For Osteoporosis

The first thing to think about is self help. If you have this condition you need to be careful about getting any sort of high impact or intense exercise. However, it is important that you continue to live an active lifestyle in order to improve on your balance, coordination and in order to develop the strength of your muscles.

In many cases you need to keep living your life in this way because it will have been causes by problems with your diet which can be easily rectified. For example, a lot of people who do not get enough calcium in their bodies will suffer from a weakening of their bones and in order to treat this they will simply need to increase their calcium intake. Getting enough vitamin d to help absorb the calcium is also important.

Of course you may also get certain medicines prescribed by your doctor as well in order to sort the problem out. These medicines are varied but will all aim to increase the density of your bones and help prevent breakages and fractures.

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If you find that the condition is cause by the menopause then you may be advised to go through a treatment called hormone replacement therapy that aims to restore your hormonal levels back to their previous pre-menopause levels. This has been shown to help with the condition but it will not be prescribed to you to treat the problem directly, but only a treatment for relieving the symptoms of the menopause in general.

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These are a few of the treatments that are involved when you do get osteoporosis. However, as with anything, prevention is better than cure so its important that you take steps to do this as well.




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