White Spots on Toenails: the Causes and How to Treat

White spots on toenails are the effect of calcium deficiency. On the other hand, there are some people who thought that they have enough calcium but they still have white spots on their toenails.

The explanation below is trying to inform you about white spot toenails including the cause and whether it gives health effects to you and the way to treat it.

White Spots on Toenails

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In general, white spots on toenails which also known as leukonychia are appeared because you are suffered from calcium deficiency. Actually, it is not only the sign of calcium deficiency and you can still have a chance to see white spots on toenails even you have enough calcium.

There is a possibility that the appearance of white spots is the sign that you are suffered from ailments. Just be careful because it might also the sign of various serious diseases including diabetes, anemia, kidney, and protein digestion problems.

Sometimes, white spots are also appeared because of skin infection. To make sure the cause of white spots on your toenails, you have to go to the doctor and consult about it.

Definitely, it doesn’t mean that you are always suffered from serious diseases only because you have white spots on your toenails. The doctor needs specific diagnosis before deciding the cause.

Fungal Infection

If the doctor said that you have a good health condition, so why do you still see white spots on toenails? One of the answers might be because there is infection caused by fungus. Just think for awhile whether you are get excess moisture exposure lately or not.

If it is so, the excess moisture exposure might be the cause of white spots. The simple way to prevent the appearance of white spots is by losing your shoes and not wearing it too tight.

Try to cure your crack nails right away because if you let it without any proper medical treatment, it triggers organism to thrive your cracking nails. In the next phase, it causes fungal infection and trigger white spots. You have to find a help to the doctor if you are suffered from nails separation from your skin or you feel that your nails are thick than before.

White Spots On Toenails Treatment

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Past Injuries

The cause of white spots on toenails is also probably because of your past injuries on the base of your nail. When it is happening, you will see white spots six weeks after the injury.

For example, you don’t realize that you have banged or knocked your fingers to solid materials. Don’t underestimate manicure treatment you tend to do. There is a case that the white spots appear because of excessive pressure on the fingers while manicure treatment.

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Do you have specific allergy? Just check your toenails. There is a possibility that the white spots appear as the reaction or symptoms of your allergy. Commonly, the allergen is coming from specific cosmetic products.

If your skin can’t accept the ingredients of the cosmetic, it gives you a sign including white spots and skin allergic. For that reason, you have to choose cosmetic especially nail polish removers, nail polishes, and herders selectively.

So, anytime you see white spots on toenails just check your health because it might be the symptoms that you are suffered from allergic.

White Spots On Nails Vitamin Deficiency

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Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency

White spots on toenails can be also the sign of mineral and vitamin deficiency. Take a look at people who lack of mineral or vitamin in which they tend to have poor toenail structure and bad immune system.

White spots might be the sign of skin problem and skin problem is commonly caused by zinc deficiency. You may go to the doctor to check whether you are lack of vitamin E or not because white spots also appear because of vitamin E deficiency. You might see white spots if you need more iron.

The Way to Treat White Spots on Toenails

You don’t need to worry if you are suffered from white spots because there are also several ways to treat it. In certain conditions, white spots will be disappeared after a few days or weeks. So, what do you have to do with the white spots?

Treat It with Ciclopirox

You may treat the white spots on toenails by Ciclopirox if the spots are caused by fungal infection. You just need to cover up the white spots with this medicine and after a few days or weeks you will not see the spots on the toenails anymore.

Treat It with Loprox

You can’t buy this medicine without any prescription from your doctor. That’s why you have to go to the doctor first to make sure about the main cause. Then, the doctor will give you the diagnosis as well as prescribed Loprox if it is necessary.

Treat It with Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil, or Vinegar

If you want to treat it by yourself at home, you just treat the white spots toenails by using specific common home ingredients such baking soda, tea tree oil, and vinegar. Just apply one of the ingredients to the toenails which are attacked by white spots regularly.

Slowly but sure, the white spots will be disappeared. If there is no significant result after a few weeks you should go to the doctor to know the main cause and treatment of the white spots on toenails.


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